Kai Alexander - Reharmonization 101

As I was listening to this iconic song, missing the queen, I heard this.........

Nain Rouge Trailer

Short film written and directed by Jasmine Rivera. 

Scored by Kai Alexander.

Kai on Keytar


ABC Morning News

Maurice "Mo Betta" Brown - trumpet

Quamon Fowler  - Tenor

Junius Paul - Bass

McKaya McCraven - Drums

Kai Alexander - Keys

Album Teaser for It Was All Just A Dream

Dancin' with My Funk Butt

From The Alubm: "It Was All Just a Dream"

The Real Groove Masters Rehearsing

Rehearsing live!

Bilal @ Grand Ballroom downtown


My Father

One of the best wrestlers of the UWF

& the most kick ass, Kick-Asser I ever knew!